We *finally* made it to our vacation! It got a little hairy at the end (every time I find myself running through the airport, shouting at people to move or I’ll miss my fight, I wonder how I turned into “that” person), but we’re here.

Photo above is yesterday’s breakfast, bought from the local grocery store, hacked apart with a diving knife and eaten with a camping spork. It was amazing, and I told Brandon that if fruit always tasted like this, I could maybe even give up sweets (except chocolate, natch!)

We ate on our hotel lanai, looking out at this:

It’s very good to be here.

As an aside, yesterday was also Brandon’s birthday. He didn’t want to make a Thing about it, so we didn’t make a thing out of it. But, since I quietly share this blog and get to say anything I want to, I want to wish the happiest of years to one of my favorite people in the world. I hope this year is filled with the ripest of papayas; the (safest and) most adventurous trail runs with bears and deer; pies with the flakiest of crusts; the hoppiest of beers; backpacking treks featuring the most fascinating geological formations you’ve ever seen; scuba dives with dolphins and sea turtles; sunshine in Seattle; and of course, tremendous amounts of laughter. I’m crazy for you, hot stuff.

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