Got Stretchy Pictures?

Well, it took me a month to figure this out but better late than never I suppose…

For all of you Internet Explorer 8 users you may have been thinking…

What the heck is wrong with this blog?

All of Streusel’s photos are stretched out?

This blog sucks, why did my friend tell me to check it out!

(OK – even with the pictures fixed you still may not be a fan of this blog BUT I hope you’ll give us another chance)

My apologies!

Internet Explorer 8 didn’t like my high resolution photos.

Geesh – I thought high resolution was suppose to be a good thing!

Alas – there is a solution.

When you are at go to the Tools Menu in the Browser Menu Bar, click on Compatibility View Settings and add

Click Close and the pictures will suddenly be seen as I intended!

Thanks for your patience.

Have a wonderful day.

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