The Sweet Life…

is right around the corner!

Where you ask?

At a local bakery called Living the Sweet Life of course!

The purveyor of this delightful shoppe is as sweet as her treats!

She’s friendly – exchange a conversation with her and you will know quickly her treats are, as she states on her website, truly a labor of love!

Pictured above are…

Pecan Caramel Bar- my favorite!

Razpberry Linzer Bar – a close second…

Chocolate Cake Ball – decadently dark…

Chocolate Chip Cookie!

(Please note – The lilac stem is not for sale but many thanks to the shrub that graciously donated its appendage for the good of the blog!)

Take a walk…

Wait, a jog…

You’ll need it to burn off these scrumptious calories

over to Living the Sweet Life today!

1535 Central St.

Denver, Colorado 80211

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