Dried Papaya

Did you know these seeds are edible?


Did you know that when unripe, the papain in this fruit can be used as a meat tenderizer?


Which country produces 25% of the world’s papayas you ask?



This one came from the Mile High Marketplace where the Farmer’s Market this time of year sells lots of beautiful produce brought up from Mexico.  It was the biggest papaya I had ever seen.

If you’ve never tasted a fresh papaya, it has a distinct subtle flavor and a wonderfully juicy, meaty texture.

I dipped some fresh slices in sugar that had a little cayenne pepper mixed in and dried them by baking them at 200 degrees for about 2 hours.  Yes – I am the only person on the planet without a dehydrator…but the oven works too.


I ate some of these dipped slices before I dried them too.

Wow!  What a treat!


I know these look a bit strange but they make a great snack!  I think they will perfect to take on a hike or camping trip this summer!


Skip the cayenne pepper and the little ones will love them too.

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