My heart belongs to goat cheese

You read me right!


Honestly – I think this holiday is silly.  However, there is nothing silly about this Mon Coeur Tart I bought from my favorite cheese shop in the world!  I am in love.


Please, Cheese Importers will you be my valentine?

Off South Pratt Parkway, in Longmont, Colorado…


I drive 40 miles to get to this shop (yes, it’s that good).


You can taste cheese from all over the world in a walk-in cooler that is so big they provide coats to stay warm.


You can sit and enjoy the wonderful cafe that serves salads, sandwiches, quiches, desserts.


You can buy beautiful pottery and linens from Provence.


You can find unique gifts like vinaigrettes, chocolates, marzipan fruits, jams, pastas and crackers.


My dear friend, Jean, and I met there this weekend.  She introduced me to the place several years ago and I am eternally grateful.


We eat, we drink, we talk, we buy cheese…life is simple.


Here is what we snacked on before shopping…

This is about 1/32 of the walk in cooler cheese wonderland!

Yes, Jean is in her puffy coat (when it is 55 degrees outside) because there is no such thing as a quick stroll through the cheese and you start to get COLD!


As silly as I think this holiday is, I couldn’t pass up the Mon Coeur Tart!  It was hand formed with sweet chevre and topped with dried cranberries.  I made the crackers on the side to share with my sweetie.


Happy Valentine’s Day and go visit my friends at the Cheese Importers!

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