What to do with the little bit of left over thanksgiving yams in the refrigerator?!

I put mine in pancakes! 

This pancake recipe is an adaptation from the basic one out of the “Joy of Cooking”.  The yams are of the mashed maple citrus variety my boyfriend had made that basically consist of yams, maple syrup, lemon zest and juice, orange zest and juice, butter and spices.


With any pancake, quick bread or muffin I like to think of the ingredients as a baking trinity.  You have dry ingredients, wet ingredients and the special ingredient that makes the recipe what it is.


Dry ingredients…

1 c. all purpose flour

½ c. rolled oats

3 T. sugar

1 ½ t. baking powder

½ t. salt


Wet ingredients…

½ c. milk (this can be adjusted to get the desired consistency, I like my pancakes thicker)

3 T. canola oil

2 eggs

½ t. vanilla


Special ingredient…

1 c. maple citrus mashed yams

Mix them together just until combined.

Due to the sugar in the dry ingredients and the maple syrup in the special ingredient, these pancakes need to be cooked on medium low heat with a bit of canola oil or butter.

I mistakenly cranked up my cook top too high with this unfortunate result. 

The final product was tasty!  Even though my six year old daughter wouldn’t eat the yams on thanksgiving – she loved these!

Want to print this recipe? Yamcakes

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