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Pumpkin Black Pepper Biscuits

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How many of you have a collection of various salts and peppers in your pantry just waiting to be used?  With all of the tempting varieties of both out there, I’m guessing, there’s at least a few in everyone’s pantry.  … Continue reading

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Protein Biscuits

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Strudel and I decided we wanted to go back to what we do best this month – bread!  We met in a bread baking class and it’s what we love to make.  Admittedly I had every intention of making an … Continue reading

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Quick Sourdough Biscuits

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My sourdough starter has been sitting in my fridge getting a little funky.  That’s the great thing about a starter, it look a little gray but it tastes great! My basement flooded last month and it’s kept me pretty busy.  … Continue reading

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