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Fresh Tomato Pasta

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   Until last week, summer was in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. My garden has been highlighting what a long, warm season it’s been; the kale is robust, and most importantly, my six tomato plants are producing amazing fruit. The tomatoes … Continue reading

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Kale Portobello Sandwich with Horseradish Cream

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 Much to my surprise, I have embraced S&S’s Sandwich Month. The realization that it allowed me to incorporate all sorts of tasty condiments into my food gave me a whole new perspective. AND this time around, I even figured out … Continue reading

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Herby Portobello Sandwiches

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   A confession: I’m not really into sandwiches. It was Streusel’s idea that our monthly theme honor – and get creative with – sandwiches. And full truth be told, I emailed my co-blogger a few days ago and asked if I … Continue reading

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Roasted Cashews, Two Ways

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 A few months back, Brandon and I went on a short road trip – I honesty don’t remember where we were going – but any car ride over 2 hours we use as an excuse to pick up junk food … Continue reading

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Hearty Veggie and Chewy Cheese Soup

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 I just made a batch of this soup the other day, when it occurred to me that (is it possible?!) maybe I hadn’t posted it on the blog… which seemed somewhat cruel… which caused me to comb through the site trying to find it … Continue reading

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Freezer Breakfast Burritos

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   I’m one of those people who needs a good hour or two in the morning to get good and hungry; I can’t just get up and eat, I instead need to warm up to the idea of breakfast. I’m … Continue reading

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Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

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For reasons entirely inexplicable to me, I only started cooking with quinoa within the last few weeks. Certainly, it’s everywhere, and I’ve read about a million quinoa-related recipes; but, for whatever lazy reasons I have, that never translated into actually the … Continue reading

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Nutty Grain Salad

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Who feels like baking right now?  None of us!  I have really been into making new and different salads this summer; Chinese Chicken, Black Bean Quinoa, etc.  My latest experiment was recreating my absolutely favorite salad at Trader Joe’s, the … Continue reading

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Mexican-Style Grilled Corn

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 I don’t mean to talk about the weather – I’ve always seen that conversation piece as for people who are a) old; b) have nothing else interesting to talk about; c) have just gotten off an airplane and have already … Continue reading

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Roasted Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

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  I am an auto-eater – a term my family developed to describe mindless, endless snacking that you do even when you’re not hungry and don’t like what you’re eating. It’s done solely for the love of chewing, and feels … Continue reading

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