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Cherry Scones with Fresh Flower Glaze

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 I’m not too shy to acknowledge that, for this week’s post, I got fancy. Well, fancy on the outside – since I’m generally interested in making foods that are delicious yet simple, I wanted to see how I could incorporate … Continue reading

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Stuffed Squash Blossoms

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    After perusing Gourmet Sweet Botanicals I couldn’t resist purchasing their squash blossoms!  One of my fondest memories of visiting Italy 5 years ago, was visiting an open-air market near the Vatican and seeing all of the zucchini for … Continue reading

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Strawberry Rose Syrup

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 Seltzer is my drink of choice, and a few years back we got a Soda Stream, which meant that my pantry was able to morph from looking like a seltzer bottle storage area into a space that actually held food. … Continue reading

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Johnny Jump Up Spring Rolls

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Strudel and I thought it would be fun to create recipes with edible flowers this month!  It’s warming up quickly here in Denver and I was craving something cool and refreshing.  I found this article very helpful in learning how … Continue reading

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