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Ricky’s Lucky Nuts and a Giveaway!

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I didn’t want this month of salt and pepper to go by without telling you about these awesome peanuts I just discovered!  I was at the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver last weekend and desperately needed a snack.  I … Continue reading

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Mushroom Ricotta Galette

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 My dad was visiting a few weeks back, and when he learned that I didn’t have a pastry ring, he was horrified – just horrified – that I was missing such an essential cooking tool. I pretended like I didn’t … Continue reading

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Salt ‘n’ Pepper Brownies

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After using the Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper in a savory biscuit two weeks ago, I really wanted to add this pepper and some fancy salt to something sweet.  I put my own little twist on this recipe! Not only do … Continue reading

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Salty Carmel Ice Cream with Chocolate and Almond Chunks

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 Hands down, salt is one of my favorite condiments. When I was a kid, my dad used to get annoyed with me at dinner for salting my food before I tasted it, “Morgan!” he’d say, sternly, “How can you know … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Black Pepper Biscuits

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How many of you have a collection of various salts and peppers in your pantry just waiting to be used?  With all of the tempting varieties of both out there, I’m guessing, there’s at least a few in everyone’s pantry.  … Continue reading

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