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Walnut Pie

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Pecan Pie is my absolute favorite holiday pie.  However, the price of pecans has shot through the roof.  Apparently China has a taste for pecans now and demand is high.  It was hard to justify buying pecans when I had … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming…

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  … and even the leaves are sad at all the rain. Sigh.   (Brandon was on a run at Tiger Mountain when he spotted this leaf)    

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Petite Goat Cheese Quiches

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As much as I love baking with duck eggs there is another glorious food that I try to add to just about anything I am baking…goat cheese! Even though I bought ducks to give me eggs I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading

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Our first egg… and a Cookie!

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It happened, it finally happened! The ducks started laying eggs.  I learned a valuable lesson as a baker who bought ducks solely to have ducks eggs on hand.  Don’t buy young ducks in the middle of summer?  Why?

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