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Goat Cheese, Duck Egg and Mushroom Sandwich

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It’s farmer’s market time in Denver.  Admittedly our farmer’s markets this time of year are scarce on produce (we had snow on May 1st) but they are big on local cheese, food trucks and groups of really nice people!   … Continue reading

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Springtime in Seattle

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  Hi Everybody!   It’s been awhile – partly because I’m lazy, a little bit because I’m distracted (not by anything important – debates over the pro/cons of getting a dog, getting caught up in “House of Cards” on Netflix, … Continue reading

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Bread Salad

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Only the Italians can take yummy bread and turn it into a salad!  I had never made bread salad and had some sourdough bread that was losing its appeal. What better way to switch it up than to toast it … Continue reading

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Brown Sugar Fudge

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I went to a Kentucky Derby party yesterday and wanted to bring something sweet and something southern.  What better cookbook to find something that fits both of these categories than “The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook”.  Maybe you all … Continue reading

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