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Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I needed Spelt Flour to make a waffle recipe I was interested in.  If you didn’t already know, this flour makes great waffles! When I bought the bag of Arrowhead Mills Spelt Flour on the back was this cookie recipe.  … Continue reading

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Sourdough Bread

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Fresh.  Crusty.  Sour. When I was 14 I lived in Monterey California.  Growing up in the Air Force we only lived there for 3 months but it was a wonderful time. We lived close to the bay and on the … Continue reading

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Sourdough Pancakes and Waffles

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I did it!  I finally did it! I mustered up enough courage to start my own sourdough starter.  Watch out because you are going to be seeing quite a few sourdough posts now that I have discovered how easy it … Continue reading

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Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

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I love February!  It’s not January (January always mean cold here in Colorado, although you wouldn’t really have been able to tell that towards the end of the month) and it’s not March (the snowiest month in Colorado – uugh). … Continue reading

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Beer Cheese Bread

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What could be better for watching the Super Bowl tomorrow but some Beer Cheese Bread!   I was inspired by this pizza crust recipe and decided to adapt it to a foccacia-type bread.   You may remember me recently talking about … Continue reading

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