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Energy Candy from a Queen of the Kitchen

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  Meet my friend Bonnie!   She enters recipes like Energy Candy into the State Fair.

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Cheerio Treats

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I don’t really like Cheerios.  Truth be told, I don’t really like cereal.  It leaves me hungry after an hour.  My favorite breakfast is a hard boiled egg with a little salt and a latte on the side!  Perfection!   … Continue reading

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Naan and Spicy Fruit Chutney

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Some friends of mine invited me over to their house for Indian Food this weekend.  I asked “What can I bring?”  thinking they’d say a bottle of wine or some beer.  Their response was naan or chutney and I immediately got excited … Continue reading

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Apple Rhubarb Jam

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It’s not that I don’t actually understand that produce comes from outside of the grocery store, it’s just that I still find it surprising that people can walk outside, pick something out of the ground, and (magically, suddenly) serve dinner. … Continue reading

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Caramel Brownies

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  I get these cravings, random cravings.   Sitting around watching TV on a hot Sunday afternoon (note, my house has no air-conditioning so inside it was about 85 degrees) and suddenly I must have something freshly baked and chocolatey.  … Continue reading

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Peach and Bacon Pizza

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  Last summer I posted about grilling pizza and made a swiss chard cheddar pizza that was FABULOUS!  On this unofficial last weekend of summer, I thought I would bid summer farewell with two unsuspecting toppings that made grilled pizza extra FABULOUS!

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