The Last Egg

Posted on August 30, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich

StreuselI am sad because I am posting a breakfast sandwich with the last duck egg produced by my ducks.  Correction – they were really my daughter’s ducks but since I bought all the food and straw for them and took care of them probably 60% of the time, I classify them as mine!

Sadly, we had to get rid of them.  We have decided to down size our space and move from a 12,000 square foot lot (so much mowing and weeding) into a townhome.  Townhome = no ducks!

The 2 year duck adventure has come to an end.  Six ducks, $600 and about 100 dozen eggs later, I learned a lot!  I will miss the ducks with their quirky personalities and fresh eggs every morning.  I won’t miss shoveling snow out of their pen at 5am so they can come out and eat.  Nor will I miss breaking ice so they can swim.

You may remember how excited I was when I first posted about duck eggs (in a sandwich no less), one taste and I was hooked.  So hooked in fact that two months later I bought the first two ducks.  When the first egg arrived I made a cookie.  Ducks eggs make high altitude baking easy and they make all baked goods taste better.  How can they not with extra fat and extra protein compared to their chicken friends?

I think my favorite duck egg recipe was the Tourteau!  My favorite duck post was when we got our babies.

This breakfast sandwich is simple…

Carrot Sourdough Pancakes+ Fried Duck Egg + Powdered Sugar = Tasty!

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Kale Portobello Sandwich with Horseradish Cream

Posted on August 23, 2015

delicious close up

Strudel Much to my surprise, I have embraced S&S’s Sandwich Month. The realization that it allowed me to incorporate all sorts of tasty condiments into my food gave me a whole new perspective. AND this time around, I even figured out how to include one of my verrry favorite roots – horseradish! – into my sandwich.


I love love love horseradish but since I don’t eat meat, I haven’t found many ways to integrate it into my world. Usually it’s in my life just once a year – at Passover – when my father or brother buys a fresh root, grates it, and then simulatiously yelps and tears up at the strong the taste and smell (both of them do a little “whoa! it’s so strong!” dance that I sort of love). This is shortly before eating it with joyful abandon at the actual Passover meal.


But last week I bought fresh horseradish for the first time myself, and made this sauce for some steak-eating guests. I absolutely loved it – tangy and creamy, it’s got great flavor without being overpoweringly hot. Figuring that the flavor would stand up well to some hearty vegetables, I whipped up this sandwich so that I wouldn’t miss out on any of the horseradishy goodness!


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Smoked Salmon, Brie and Brioche Sandwich

Posted on August 16, 2015

Brioche Sandwich

StreuselOh yeah, and avocado too!

All.  Good.  Things.

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Herby Portobello Sandwiches

Posted on August 9, 2015

herby portobello sandwich


Strudel A confession: I’m not really into sandwiches. It was Streusel’s idea that our monthly theme honor – and get creative with – sandwiches. And full truth be told, I emailed my co-blogger a few days ago and asked if I could instead blog about a pie. She said I could not.


You see, as a quasi-vegetarian (I was a real vegetarian for 15 years, and a fake vegetarian – I eat fish now – for the past 10), most sandwiches taste the same… vegetables, some cheese, maybe hummus. All foods I love, but 25 years of eating the same stack of produce/dairy/spread, it gets a lot boring.


So at first, I was excited with Streusel’s idea, then a dull thud of a realization… since I’ve excited about two sandwiches in the last 20 years, this would be a daunting challenge. So, first I tried to escape the dilemma by distracting Streusel with a pie. When that failed, I dug in.


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Li’l Hawaiian Sandwiches

Posted on August 2, 2015

Sweet and Savory!

StreuselAugust is Sandwich Month!

Not because Strudel and I thought it would be fun to blog about (although we do) but because according to the internet it really is, and of course we all know if the world wide web says it is then it must be true.

So through the power of suggestion, we are going to blog about sandwiches this month.  Sandwiches are not something I think about very often as a food choice so I am excited to experiment with them this month.

I was recently reminded of how much I love King’s Hawaiian Bread when I attended a Luau Party and had a burger grilled with a pineapple slice and cheddar cheese and topped with mango salsa.  To make it even tastier it was sandwiched between King’s Hawaiian burger buns!  It was a sweet and savory delight.  When Strudel and I decided to have a sandwich theme this month, I knew I wanted to make something with King’s Hawaiian Bread.

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Nectarine Fizz

Posted on July 26, 2015

nectarine fizz

Strudel Streusel and I agree that we’re both having a great summer, but we’ve also had a lot going on. Most of it’s been exciting things – she’s selling her house, Brandon and I have been doing a lot of work on ours – but my co-blogger and I have also been extra busy at our respective jobs, and combining the busy days with busy evenings and weekends has felt a bit exhausting. I think we’re both a little caught up in our to-do lists and sometimes need to remind ourselves to take a deep breath, and enjoy the summer.


One of the ways I’m reminding myself to do that it to spend some time actually enjoying – and not fretting – over the home improvements that Brandon and I have been working on this summer. Last year, we built a deck, but it wasn’t done until after the rainy season began, so we didn’t have much time to enjoy it. Just last month, we finally got some deck furniture (including some orange Adirondack chairs that are my new favorite thing), and Brandon and I have been working hard at fixing up the garden (he builds planter boxes, and I plant things in the planter boxes). Things are finally coming together, and it looks GREAT out there.


Last week, we had our friends over to show off our work. Brandon whipped up these happy hour cocktails that were a perfect summer drink – light, fruity and zesty (it’s true!) they’re not entirely dissimilar to the nectarine lime jam, but much less sweet. They’re also quick to make – a great post-work drink for yourself, or easily doubled/tripled/quadrupled to mix together when your friends stop by.


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Cherry Ginger Beer

Posted on July 12, 2015

Cherry Ginger Beer

StreuselI have found a new temptation… Ginger Beer.

I thought this might go nicely with my expensive addiction each summer… Rainier Cherries!

I squeal with delight when I start to see these cherries in the grocery store.  Other cherries pale in comparison and I will gladly pay good money for them.

I heard a radio commercial for Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer and then I walked into the grocery store and bought a giant bag of rainier cherries and thought Ginger Beer could be made better with these cherries.

Forgive me for its simplicity but it’s too delightful not to share.

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Jamaica Iced Tea

Posted on July 5, 2015

jamaica iced tea

Strudel  When we were in Puerto Vallarta a few weeks ago, a highlight of our visit  was a food tour of the area. We had a great time wandering through downtown sampling all sorts of local foods – chocolate, salsas, ceviche, mole – and the tour took us to local spots we never would’ve gone to otherwise. I love Mexico, but I admittedly remain vigilant about eating raw foods rinsed in purified water and keep a critical eye any drinks served with ice (ice with holes is okay – that means it was made with purified water; no holes, and I’m asking questions).


It was HOT in PV while we were there – which we know is a thing that happens in June in Mexico – but for a couple of pastey Pacific NWers like ourselves, it’s possible the sun felt a little more searing on our fragile skin that it may have for others; for sure, you could recognize us as the people that left Mexico as pale as we were when we arrived. For obvious reasons, we spent the week under a thick coating of 50 SPF sunscreen. My 10 year old niece – who admittedly started life with significantly more pigment that I’ve ever had – looked like a native at the end of the trip. Not me, though – I still glow bright white.


ANYWAY – digressions of all digressions – when we were on our food tour, it was about a billion degrees out, and one of our stops was at a ceviche restaurant. It was monumental; not only did they serve the best ceviche I’ve ever eaten, but I had the single most refreshing drink known to woman – Jamaica iced tea. Which (maybe you knew this but I didn’t know this!) is just hibiscus tea – dried flowers soaked in water, with flavors added, as you like it. Jamaica is refreshing and tangy, and a brilliant summer drink. Seattle’s has had 80 and 90 degree weather for the past two weeks, and you can bet that I “brewed” up a batch of the tea just a soon as things began to heat up.


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Banana Kashi Cake

Posted on June 28, 2015

Banana Kashi Cake

StreuselThis is the last of our quick and easy recipes this month.  Stay tuned because July we’re doing something a little different that will help beat the summer heat.

Although most people I know don’t ever think of cake as something easy to make, I think you’ll agree that as far as cakes go this is pretty darn easy AND tasty!  I love Kashi cereal and I especially love the Kashi Go Lean Crunch but for those of you who eat it too you might agree that eating a bowl of it is a workout for your jaw!  It’s got great flavor but it’s a little too crunchy for me some days.  So as the box sat there staring at me in the morning I asked myself how can I convert this great cereal into something else without completely destroying its redeeming qualities of being high in protein and whole grains?

A cake of course!

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Citrus Bread

Posted on June 21, 2015

Citrus Bread

Strudel A few weeks ago, a colleague brought in the most amazing bread – not sweet, but crunchy, buttery, and extremely addictive. I’m also going to go ahead and speak some truth here, using the “m” word – the bread was also moist (I know how everyone hates that word, but I can’t help it – it’s a really good adjective, plus the word itself sounds like it’s own meaning).


Anyway – about the bread – I asked my co-worker for the recipe, and turns out that it’s not only super adaptable, it’s crazy easy and I could make it my own by baking it with ingredients that I always have in my kitchen. Since I love citrus flavors, I decided that a lemon bread would be perfect for us. But any flavor (orange, grapefruit, etc.) will work.



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